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Philanthropists & Socially-Minded Entrepreneurs

We know that you have lofty goals and big plans when it comes to changing the world (hey, so do we!), but engaging in philanthropy, whether an individual, foundation, social enterprise, or civic-minded corporation, can’t be successfully undertaken with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Your unique assets and strengths must be deployed carefully and strategically to make measured change against the challenge you hope to solve.

If you’re trying to maximize impact in current funding initiatives, lead field-building, invest in capacity building, provide catalyst funding, integrate your values and giving back into your corporate DNA, or are just getting your toes wet in the philanthropic world, Olive Grove can help advance your vision in a way that’s right for you. We take a transformational approach to philanthropic work to deliver strategic planning and resources that are built for success because they are integrated with your organizational, goals, needs, and structure.

At Olive Grove, one of our best assets is the breadth of expertise and the reach of our network, which allows us to meet almost any need our clients can think of. Our philanthropic services include:

  • Executive search
  • Strategic thinking
  • Effective grantmaking
  • Supporting collective impact
  • High-impact capacity building
  • Foundation sustainability
  • Operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Building organizational culture
  • Aligning your values and your business to leave a legacy

Let Olive Grove help transform your vision for change into a reality.