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CEO Search & Transition Planning

Leadership transition can be a scary thing. Without a plan, it is bound to present challenges that can threaten the impact and viability of your organization. At Olive Grove, we work with you to establish a transition plan that aligns with your organization’s goals and vision for the future to mitigate the risks that a change in leadership can bring.

Partnering with the right leader can enable an organization’s vision for change.

At Olive Grove, we believe in long-term, transformational partnerships. Our executive search services are designed to recruit and retain leaders that share this same belief. Through our national network of consultants and collaborators, we have the ability to connect organizations to talented and diverse individuals across a variety of sectors. We leverage these resources to place the right people with the right organizations. Because we are long-term partners, we will be involved throughout the entire transition process—from the early stages of planning to well after a new leader has been chosen.

Transition Management and Strategic Readiness

One thing we have learned is that a successful leadership transition requires being prepared from the start. Without a plan, transitions can bring a significant amount of change and disruption to an organization. Our role is to mitigate this disruption by thoughtfully designing and managing a transition plan to ensure an organization’s readiness for change. We ensure strategic readiness by guiding organizations through every step of the process: including creating a succession plan, advising on interim leadership, coaching management teams, and supporting all of the transition preparations that need to be made in advance of a new leader’s onboarding.

Assessing Search and Transition Priorities

Launching an effective executive search requires building a shared understanding of an organization’s values, goals, and priorities. Is everyone on the same page with respect to what is expected from a change in leadership? Probably not, but that’s what we’re here for! We assist in gaining feedback from key stakeholders to evaluate the opportunities and challenges that a leadership transition will bring about. Once the priorities and key success indicators have been established, we can then create a leadership profile from which we can begin an executive search.

Executive Search

When we join with an organization to undertake an executive search, we aren’t just looking for someone to fill a role. We are looking to create a long-term transformational partnership. Through understanding the goals and core values of an organization, we are able to assist in identifying the key attributes of a new leader, create a position description, market the organization, and clarify the roles of the search committee. Because of our extensive national network, we have the ability to leverage our thousands of relationships to find the right talent.

Ensuring Long-Term Success

At Olive Grove, we understand that leadership transition does not end when the role is filled. The success of a new leader’s tenure is often determined in the first few months after hiring. It depends on clear goals and expectations between both the new leader and the board members. We set organizations and leaders up for success by working to develop mutual expectations, create an onboarding plan, provide coaching, and establish an evaluation plan.