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No organization can maximize impact without effective governance.

No organization can maximize impact without governance. And great governance can propel an organization to the next level by greatly increasing its ability to carry out its mission. Olive Grove can transform your board of directors from a good board into a great board by enhancing the way it sees itself and its ability to make an impact.

Whether you are a start-up seeking to form your first board, a seasoned institution that wants to deepen engagement of board members, or are in the process of developing an advisory board, Olive Grove will work with you to design the most effective governance strategies that will evolve with your organization as it continues to grow.

Olive Grove will work with you to design strategies that support:

Board Engagement

Behind every good organization is an active and engaged board of directors. One that knows its role in supporting the organization’s vision and is passionate about succeeding in that capacity. Olive Grove brings leadership teams together to help re-align goals, clarify roles and responsibilities, improve communication, build organizational structures and create other strategies to expand and improve board involvement.

Mission Delivery

An informed board is a powerful tool. With knowledge and clear direction, they can ensure effective delivery of an organization’s mission and programs. Olive Grove can work with you to establish roles, build communication channels, align agendas, set goals, assess progress, and develop evaluation tools to ensure your board is prepared to best support the mission.

Accountability and Transparency

Great governance is all about transparency, accountability, and integrity. Is your board of directors educated and informed about the legal, fiduciary and oversight responsibilities that come with being part of the leadership team? Olive Grove supports your organization by educating board members on compliance with nonprofit regulations and by implementing strategies to deliver proper guidance and leadership for the future.

Effective Stewardship

Donors want to see that their money has been put to good use. It’s one of the major ways to ensure that you retain the funding needed to continue striving towards your vision. And it’s not just about showing off financial statements—demonstrating effective stewardship can be done in a variety of ways. Olive Grove will work with your board to understand their responsibility in practicing successful stewardship and to create strategies that result in a strong reputation and higher mission impact.