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Our philanthropic consulting approach is founded on the belief that many donors are not getting the crucial help they need to assure the effective impact of their giving. Our goal is to change that. We achieve this by working with philanthropists and foundations to help them define their vision for change, and create customized solutions that can then drive that vision forward.

Effective philanthropy comes from clear strategic thinking and clearly defined values.

Our team of diverse and experienced consultants can help you foresee the challenges and opportunities that you will face as you navigate the dynamic and ever-evolving environment that affects your work. Whether it’s hiring your leader, building organizational culture, helping you engage in practical stewardship, creating a governance structure, developing a marketing and communications strategy, or reaching out to the expansive network, we can help.

Strategic Thinking

Good philanthropy requires a good plan. Whether you are bracing for changes in finance or leadership, are looking to make adjustments to internal management or governance, or are in need of a program evaluation, Olive Grove can assist you with creating, implementing and managing a strategic plan.

Effective Grantmaking

There are many ways that your grantmaking can be more effective. It might look something like implementing more streamlined grant application, tracking, and review processes. Or, it might be educating relevant stakeholders, board members, and staff on their roles in the grantmaking process. It might also be to evaluate the impact that the grantee is having in the community and to brainstorm ways to improve that impact. Much of our work is advising philanthropists in effective capacity building approaches for their grantees. Whatever effective grantmaking means to you, Olive Grove can lead you there.

Foundation Sustainability

Is your foundation well positioned for the future? Are you aware of the emerging trends that may greatly impact your ability to make a difference? Olive Grove is able to re-align and re-articulate donor or foundation goals, and to create an action plan designed to restructure operations in order to better achieve these goals. This is particularly a challenge for some community foundations and federations that need to reinvent themselves in order to remain relevant and viable. With our help, your foundation can be making an impact for years to come.

Engage with Olive Grove to move you courageously towards embracing your role in creating impactful, meaningful and lasting change.