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Advisor in Residence Services for Foundations and Nonprofits

Organizations must be constantly learning, adjusting, and adapting in order to stay relevant, be responsive to changing needs, stay on top of emerging trends, and remain organizationally strong.

Our approach is to help organizations build visions and theories of change, develop strategies, craft business plans, and design operational systems that can carry them forward into the future.

Because we understand that every client is unique in its particular goals and challenges, we reject the traditional “one-size-fits-all” approach to strategic thinking. Accordingly, we create and implement strategic plans that place the client at the center, tailoring solutions to meet their unique challenges and needs. In addition to more compelling visions, strategies and strategic plans, some of the key impacts we provide are:

Clear Business Plans

Dreams and visions are critical, but long-term success depend on a well-thought out business model and implementation plan. Olive Grove can assist with business planning from the get-go. We can assess community need, determine obstacles, capitalize on strengths, design structures, recommend systems, utilize resources, and maximize investments—strengthening your ability to make an impact.

Operational Excellence

Effective and sustainable mission delivery requires investment in leadership, financial, technological, organizational, and other infrastructural systems. Our consultants work to determine the most effective operational strategies and develop a plan to implement, manage and monitor these tools to build a sustainable organization.

Mergers, Alliances, Partnerships & Collaborations

It seems almost universally true that we can achieve more when we work together. Many of the highest impact programs are done in collaboration, partnership, or through strategic alliance. Combining or leveraging resources and assets that already exist within the community can be an effective way to advance your cause and see greater results. At Olive Grove, we can determine whether this is an attractive option for you and then tap into our extensive network to find the perfect partnership to suit your needs.