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Olive Grove is proud to have worked with some of the most dynamic, inspiring, and passionate organizations and individuals in the field. We know we’ve done our job when we see an organization or leader reach their full potential. We are happy to have been partners in helping our clients achieve their missions, and we are thankful for their support in helping us to achieve ours—which is to help great people do great things.

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“Every time I speak with the grantees, they say that the work has been helpful and a good use of their time and value added.”

“They kept us focused and on track and their findings were very, very on target.”

“Working with Olive Grove set a standard for us about what it can mean to work in partnership with talented consultants and an interested grantee around thoughtful growth planning.”

“Olive Grove did a great job in constructing and designing a process for us, given all of our complications, that seemed to work.”

“She (Emily) made sure board
was engaged with the planning, which made the actual event itself much richer and more engaging. If you are going to
run a good NP, need people
like Emily to help you run it.”

Our Services

We leverage expertise, capital and new ideas to create a “vibrant and just society.”

Our Consulting Approach